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MegaMind [userpic]

(no subject)

January 23rd, 2011 (08:40 pm)

Man, some of you guys add a LOT of user icons. I go checking my email and I see I got all these emails but it turns out majority are because somebody got a new icon.


Excuse me while I go and change my settings...

MegaMind [userpic]

FAQ Answers #1

January 10th, 2011 (09:52 am)

Head-banging to: Michael Jackson - Bad

melissasbrain asked...

1.) What color is your Christmas tree?
My Christmas tree is colored invisible. aka I don't have one. I never had one growing up, and I always saw them as a waste of time and energy around a ridiculous holiday that was only made to steal the Yuletide holiday from Pagans by the Church. Sure, Minion puts up some stockings by our fire place but that's about as Christmas-y as we get, besides exchanging presents. We ALWAYS do that.

2.) Do people ever annoy you with the song "Blue (Da Ba Dee)" by Eiffel 65?
All. The. Time. They think they're being smart or clever by sending me the song or giving it to me. You're not being funny at all. You're being annoying!

3.) Does the size of your head indicate anything aside from the fact you have a big brain?
Indicate what exactly? That I'm incredibly handsome? If so then yes, it does indicate far more than the large expanse of my brain power.

4.) When you were a villain, were there any other villains you particularly admired?
I can't deny that Lex Luthor had a flair to him. He had no super powers either, all he relied on was his incredible brain, which was fairly impressive for a mere human being (that and he's bald like me). Another one I always admired was the Wicked Witch from that Wizard of Oz story. Now there's a woman who knows the importance of shoes.

5.) Now that you're a hero, how much of a change in wardrobe are you going to have? (Seriously, I want to know because you rocked those spikes and that leather.)
Why thank you! Leather and spikes ARE my forte. As for change in my wardrobe, Minion has been throwing many different variations my way but I've let him know straight away that I am NOT going to wear white all over. I am not Metro Man, nor am I ever going to try to become him. I might make my cape white, but not pearly white. An off white? Maybe a white belt but that would be it. Black leather and spikes remain intact because, well really, they're built for me.

6.) If you could be any animal, real or fictional, what would you be?
That's a curious question. I wouldn't mind being a dragon, a super intelligent dragon at that. With the ability to fly, breathe fire, plus some of them have spikes growing out of their eyebrows how awesome is that?

7.) There is no 7.
But there it is right there and-- ohohhh. I see what you did there.

8.) Are you ticklish?
I fear answering this question but yes. I am particularly ticklish, something I have spent years trying in vain to stop. Maybe if I altered my genes at a base level I could remove that knee jerk reaction... but then again I might remove my ability to feel pain or contact entirely and that is not a good thing.

9.) Has anyone ever told you that you have the most amazing eyes?
Why yes, many adoring fan girl has told me how brilliantly green my eyes are. Some say they're acidic, others compare them to a green you only see in cartoons and rainbows. Roxanne's complimented them also.

10.) What is the one thing you've always wanted but never got?
My parents.

11.) When exactly did you realize you were in love with Roxanne? (By the way, you guys are the cutest couple ever.)
Thank you again for your kind attention to detail. And when? Well... that's hard to say. I always found myself fond of her company that is something I cannot deny. There's something quite striking about a young woman who is confident, smart, sassy, and beautiful. I mean have you SEEN the clothes she wears? Anyway back to your question. The very moment I knew that I was in love with her, was when we were lying in the park together, and she told me that it was a shame we didn't go to the same school (I was 'Bernard' at the time) and she held my hand. That moment, right there? As sappy and sentimental as it is, was the moment I knew I loved her.

12.) Any words of wisdom for up-and-coming heroes?
Don't cross me, Minion, or Roxanne. Don't try over compensating for anything. Remember that knowing witty come backs to snarky villains is a MUST and be sure you have some actual kind of ability. Putting on a cape and mask does NOT make you a super hero (unless you're Batman or Rorschach). You have to dedicate 110% to your cause because, hopefully, one day people WILL be relying on you. Don't attempt this half assed or you'll just make an ass of yourself. And don't be gullible. Some super villain’s do NOT go by the rules of the game, can or will kill people... Just look at Tighten.

Remember to throw me some questions, always happy to answer!

MegaMind [userpic]

Writer's Block: Rise and shine

January 10th, 2011 (06:47 am)

What's the first thing you do when you wake up?

Normally it involves glaring at my clock before getting up and having my shower routine. Wax my eyebrows and goatee, brush my teeth, preen for about an hour before having breakfast with Minion. After that it would then involve getting onto my diabolical plans but now, well. They aren't diabolical. Naturally.

OH AND HAPPY NEW YEAR. I'm so sorry I forgot all you lovely people but New Year is always a crazy thing 'round here. I'm still finding pieces of people's clothing 'round here from the party...

MegaMind [userpic]

Megamind FAQ

December 24th, 2010 (07:28 am)

Feeling kind of: bored

Happy holidays to you all at this miserably cold time of year.

In honor of your celebrating of a baby who just happened to be born at the right place and the right time I am welcoming you all to ask me questions. Any questions.

In other words, I'm bored.

So, questions? You can ask as many as you please and I shall write up my replies in a following update.

You wouldn't want me staying bored this Krist-mass eve now would you?

MegaMind [userpic]

RP Log: Many Happy Returns

December 20th, 2010 (09:17 pm)

Title: Many Happy Returns
Starring: Megamind imabluegenius and Roxanne neveradamsel
Rating: T
Word count: 6,621
Summary: It's Megamind's birthday and Roxanne's got her present to give to him, but the last thing she expected was to get a gift in return on his big day. We also have a little look into both Megamind and Roxanne's pasts.

Happy birthday MegamindCollapse )

MegaMind [userpic]


December 18th, 2010 (10:50 am)

I... think I had a good birthday party? I honestly don't remember much after the pinata and drinking some more of the punch. I hope no body saw me making an ass of myself, if I did indeed manage to do that; it's kind of impossible, don't you know? Since I'm SO not an ass any other time.

But I know I have a splitting migraine and I can't find any pain meds in this place at all. And there's still mess and people laying everywhere! Don't they know they don't have to go home but they can't stay here?

So if any of you WERE here at my party, care to fill me in on the details?

MegaMind [userpic]

Writer's Block: Eye for an eye?

December 18th, 2010 (10:39 am)

If you bumped into someone who regularly picked on you as a child, what would you say to them?

Depends on which ones you're talking about. There were too many little brats not accepting me into their circle of friends. So... it would probably involve my de-hydration gun up in their face. Not so many words being used, though.

MegaMind [userpic]


December 17th, 2010 (12:00 am)


Why was I born so beautiful
Why was I born at all?
Because I had no say in it
No say in it at alllllllll~

And no, I totally didn't stay up late in orde to post this as midnight. Don't be crazy.

I hope you're proud of me, Mom and Dad. I hope you are.

MegaMind [userpic]


December 16th, 2010 (09:17 pm)

Secret Location Code: Secret Lair
Feeling kind of: ecstatic
Head-banging to: Queen Don't Stop Me Now



Code: Prepare the birthday party!

MegaMind [userpic]

Writer's Block: Stardust memories

December 16th, 2010 (06:39 pm)
Secret Location Code: Memory Lane
Head-banging to: Queen The Show Must Go On

What is the your most cherished holiday memory from childhood, and why?

The day we went rock-breaking along Route 52. I was a young lad, no older than seven, and after blowing up my old shool house the Warden felt it suitable I undertake some 'hard layber' in order to realize the error of my ways. The sun was out, all of my awesome uncles stank of sweat and dust, and I spent the day de-hydrating rocks and throwing them at birds and cars passing by.

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